A BZFlag plug-in to help avoid disruptions during matches
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Player Join Handler

GitHub release Minimum BZFlag Version License

A BZFlag plug-in that keeps track of player sessions and automatically moves players to the observer team if a match is in progress and they were not already on the server.

A session exists the entire time a player is on the server plus 120 seconds (this can be configured through _sessionTime) after they have disconnected. If a match is in progress, players will only be able to join while their session is still active. By default, unverified players cannot join a match even if they have a session; this can be disabled by settings _allowUnverified to true.


Loading the plug-in

This plug-in does not take any command line parameters; everything is configured through BZDB variables.

-loadplugin playerJoinHandler

Custom BZDB Variables

These custom BZDB variables must be used with -setforced, which sets BZDB variable <name> to <value>, even if the variable does not exist.

-setforced <name> <value>
Name Type Default Description
_sessionTime int 120 The amount of seconds a player has to move from observer to a tank, a session
_allowUnverified bool false When set to true, unregistered players will be able to join a match if they already have a session