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The graphics side of the SACM SOLVER
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Did this upload?

Working on getting the code up
if you need a copy while it's not up just facebook me for now.

Code uploaded for current state of project.

[x]Step 1- create the 24 verticies for each cube (each vertex should have 2 identical others)
  Ordering of verticies: positve X face, positive Y face,
    positive Z face, Negative X face, negative Y face, negative Z face.

[ ]Step 2 set up colouring for each cube 
  -unless you find an easier way to do this, this will be a lot of hard coding...
  -non-coloured sides will be black (ie [0f, 0f, 0f, 1f])

[ ]Step 3 figure out drawing them in place.

[ ]Step 4 figure out movement (flight pattern) of "chickens" 

  Ben: This is just a feel for what we need to do, feel free to post changes in the comments down here
        and we can discuss with our next meeting.

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