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Capricornus Squadron

HTML5 browser-based turn-based strategy game (in the style of Advance Wars), written in JavaScript. Play the game at

Dependencies for playing

  • The latest desktop versions of either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge

Dependencies for development

  • node >= 6.11
  • npm


  • No sound in Microsoft Edge
  • While the game is technically playable at mobile screen sizes and with touch input, for best experience at least an iPad size screen and mouse are required

Getting Started for Local Development

  • Download or clone this repository
  • Navigate into the project directory using the command line
  • Type npm install to install dependencies
  • Type npm run gulp to compile Sass and JavaScript files
  • Optionally, you can type npm run gulp:watch to start gulp and automatically watch for changes and re-compile as necessary
  • Type npm start to start a local webserver
  • Open a supported browser to localhost:3000.


Code copyright (c) 2017 Allen Garvey, Kyle Livermore & Stephen Griffin. The art and audio files are copyright of their respective owners and used with permission.