Redesign of Hacker News with an emphasis on mobile first design and usability
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#H News

A redesign of Hacker News with a focus on usability and mobile first design using the official Hacker News API.


  • PHP 5.6.* or higher
  • Gulp 3.9.* or higher
  • npm to install dependencies needed to build the project

##Getting Started

  • Download or clone the project and cd into the project directory
  • Type npm install to install the dependencies
  • If you do not have Gulp installed type npm install gulp -g or sudo npm install gulp -g to install Gulp
  • Type npm run setup to set up the project for the first time
  • Edit the current environment in inc/environment.php as necessary
  • Type gulp build to build the project thereafter


H News is released under the MIT License. See license.txt for more details.