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phrasemoji is a web application game that has each participant in the group (limited to even-numbered groups) log in to a personalized, private unique game session. The first player receives a proverb-like English sentence, and he or she and each subsequent player translates the preceding message into a series of emoticons or back into plain English.

After the final person translates the preceding emoticon message back to plaintext, each participant receives the original and final messages as well as each step along the path of conversions. Hilarious laughter ensues and the game is finished, before each player clicks to play again.

Technologies used

We call it the BEAN stack. BEAN = Bootstrap, Express.js, AJAX, Node.js

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript w/ AJAX, jQuery Backend: Node.js + Express.js

Along with three computers running GNU/Linux and running vim/vis. Because down with Windows and emacs.

Try it out

Grab a few friends and try it out on our website!

What's next for phrasemoji

Deployment and scalability, obviously. Our code is distributed under the MIT License so our main focus is bring smiles to the world.