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AllenNLP Template Project using Config Files

A template for starting a new allennlp project using config files and allennlp train. For simple projects, all you need to do is get your model code into the class in my_project/, your data loading code into the DatasetReader code in my_project/, and that's it, you can train a model (we recommend also making appropriate changes to the test code, and using that for development, but that's optional).

See the AllenNLP Guide for a quick start on how to use what's in this example project. We're grabbing the model and dataset reader classes from that guide. You can replace those classes with a model and dataset reader for whatever you want (including copying code from our model library as a starting point). The very brief version of what's in here:

  • A Model class in my_project/

  • A DatasetReader class in my_project/

  • Tests for both of these classes in tests, including a small toy dataset that can be read. We strongly recommend that you use a toy dataset with tests like this during model development, for quick debug cycles. To run the tests, just run pytest from the base directory of this project.

  • An .allennlp_plugins file, which makes it easier to use allennlp train with this project. If you change the name of my_project, you should also change the line in this file to match.

  • An example configuration file for training the model, which you would use with the following shell command from the base directory of this repository, after pip install allennlp:

    allennlp train -s /dir/to/save/results training_config/my_model_trained_on_my_dataset.json


A template for starting a new allennlp project using config files and `allennlp train`






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