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A logger that maintains logs of both stdout and stderr when models are run.
from typing import TextIO
import os
def replace_cr_with_newline(message: str):
TQDM and requests use carriage returns to get the training line to update for each batch
without adding more lines to the terminal output. Displaying those in a file won't work
correctly, so we'll just make sure that each batch shows up on its one line.
:param message: the message to permute
:return: the message with carriage returns replaced with newlines
if '\r' in message:
message = message.replace('\r', '')
if not message or message[-1] != '\n':
message += '\n'
return message
class TeeLogger:
This class is an attempt to maintain logs of both stdout and stderr for when models are run.
To use this class, at the beginning of your script insert these lines::
sys.stdout = TeeLogger("stdout.log", sys.stdout)
sys.stderr = TeeLogger("stdout.log", sys.stderr)
def __init__(self, filename: str, terminal: TextIO, file_friendly_terminal_output: bool) -> None:
self.terminal = terminal
self.file_friendly_terminal_output = file_friendly_terminal_output
parent_directory = os.path.dirname(filename)
os.makedirs(parent_directory, exist_ok=True)
self.log = open(filename, 'a')
def write(self, message):
cleaned = replace_cr_with_newline(message)
if self.file_friendly_terminal_output:
def flush(self):
def isatty(self):
# Mirror the API of sys.stdout so that we can
# check for the presence of a terminal easily.
return not self.file_friendly_terminal_output
def cleanup(self) -> TextIO:
return self.terminal
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