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from typing import Optional, TYPE_CHECKING
import logging
from import util as training_util
from import Callback, handle_event
from import Events
from import CallbackTrainer
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class GradientNormAndClip(Callback):
Applies gradient norm and/or clipping.
grad_norm : float, optional (default = None)
If provided, we rescale the gradients before the optimization step.
grad_clipping : float, optional (default = None)
If provided, we use this to clip gradients in our model.
def __init__(
self, grad_norm: Optional[float] = None, grad_clipping: Optional[float] = None
) -> None:
self.grad_norm = grad_norm
self.grad_clipping = grad_clipping
def enable_gradient_clipping(self, trainer: "CallbackTrainer"):
training_util.enable_gradient_clipping(trainer.model, self.grad_clipping)
@handle_event(Events.BACKWARD, priority=1000)
def rescale_gradients(self, trainer: "CallbackTrainer"):
trainer.batch_grad_norm = training_util.rescale_gradients(trainer.model, self.grad_norm)
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