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// Licensed under the terms in License.txt
// Copyright 2010 Allen Ding. All rights reserved.
#import "NSNumber+KiwiAdditions.h"
#import "KWObjCUtilities.h"
@implementation NSNumber(KiwiAdditions)
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Creating Numbers
+ (id)numberWithBytes:(const void *)bytes objCType:(const char *)anObjCType {
// Yeah, this is ugly.
if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(BOOL)))
return [self numberWithBoolBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(char)))
return [self numberWithCharBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(double)))
return [self numberWithDoubleBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(float)))
return [self numberWithFloatBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(int)))
return [self numberWithIntBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(NSInteger)))
return [self numberWithIntegerBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(long)))
return [self numberWithLongBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(long long)))
return [self numberWithLongLongBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(short)))
return [self numberWithShortBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(unsigned char)))
return [self numberWithUnsignedCharBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(unsigned int)))
return [self numberWithUnsignedIntBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(NSUInteger)))
return [self numberWithUnsignedIntegerBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(unsigned long)))
return [self numberWithUnsignedLongBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(unsigned long long)))
return [self numberWithUnsignedLongLongBytes:bytes];
else if (KWObjCTypeEqualToObjCType(anObjCType, @encode(unsigned short)))
return [self numberWithUnsignedShortBytes:bytes];
return nil;
+ (id)numberWithBoolBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithBool:*(const BOOL *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithCharBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithChar:*(const char *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithDoubleBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithDouble:*(const double *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithFloatBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithFloat:*(const float *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithIntBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithInt:*(const int *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithIntegerBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithInteger:*(const NSInteger *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithLongBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithLong:*(const long *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithLongLongBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithLongLong:*(const long long *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithShortBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithShort:*(const short *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithUnsignedCharBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithChar:*(const unsigned char *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithUnsignedIntBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithInt:*(const unsigned int *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithUnsignedIntegerBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithInteger:*(const NSUInteger *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithUnsignedLongBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithLong:*(const unsigned long *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithUnsignedLongLongBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithLongLong:*(const unsigned long long *)bytes];
+ (id)numberWithUnsignedShortBytes:(const void *)bytes {
return [NSNumber numberWithShort:*(const unsigned short *)bytes];
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