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// Licensed under the terms in License.txt
// Copyright 2010 Allen Ding. All rights reserved.
#import "KiwiConfiguration.h"
@class KWAfterAllNode;
@class KWAfterEachNode;
@class KWBeforeAllNode;
@class KWBeforeEachNode;
@class KWContextNode;
@class KWItNode;
@class KWPendingNode;
@class KWRegisterMatchersNode;
@protocol KWExampleNodeVisitor<NSObject>
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Visiting Nodes
- (void)visitContextNode:(KWContextNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitRegisterMatchersNode:(KWRegisterMatchersNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitBeforeAllNode:(KWBeforeAllNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitAfterAllNode:(KWAfterAllNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitBeforeEachNode:(KWBeforeEachNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitAfterEachNode:(KWAfterEachNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitItNode:(KWItNode *)aNode;
- (void)visitPendingNode:(KWPendingNode *)aNode;
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