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// Licensed under the terms in License.txt
// Copyright 2010 Allen Ding. All rights reserved.
#import "KiwiConfiguration.h"
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Support Macros
#define KW_THIS_CALLSITE [KWCallSite callSiteWithFilename:@__FILE__ lineNumber:__LINE__]
#define KW_ADD_EXIST_VERIFIER(expectationType) [self addExistVerifierWithExpectationType:expectationType callSite:KW_THIS_CALLSITE]
#define KW_ADD_MATCH_VERIFIER(expectationType) [self addMatchVerifierWithExpectationType:expectationType callSite:KW_THIS_CALLSITE]
#define KW_ADD_ASYNC_VERIFIER(expectationType, timeOut) [self addAsyncVerifierWithExpectationType:expectationType callSite:KW_THIS_CALLSITE timeout:timeOut]
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Keywords
// Kiwi macros used in specs for verifying expectations.
#define should attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_MATCH_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShould) verifier:KW_ADD_EXIST_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShould)
#define shouldNot attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_MATCH_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShouldNot) verifier:KW_ADD_EXIST_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShould)
#define shouldBeNil attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_EXIST_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShouldNot)
#define shouldNotBeNil attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_EXIST_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShould)
#define shouldEventually attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_ASYNC_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShould, kKW_DEFAULT_PROBE_TIMEOUT)
#define shouldEventuallyBeforeTimingOutAfter(timeout) attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_ASYNC_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeShould, timeout)
// wait for is like a shouldEventually but will not fail if it's never satisfied
#define waitFor attachToVerifier:KW_ADD_ASYNC_VERIFIER(KWExpectationTypeMaybe, kKW_DEFAULT_PROBE_TIMEOUT)
// used to wrap a pointer to an object that will change in the future (used with shouldEventually)
#define theObject(objectPtr) [KWFutureObject objectWithObjectPointer:objectPtr] // DEPRECATED
#define theReturnValueOfBlock(block) [KWFutureObject futureObjectWithBlock:block] // DEPRECATED
#define expectFutureValue(futureValue) [KWFutureObject futureObjectWithBlock:^{ return futureValue; }]
// used for message patterns to allow matching any value
#define any() [KWAny any]
// If a gcc compatible compiler is available, use the statement and
// declarations in expression extension to provide a convenient catch-all macro
// to create KWValues.
#if defined(__GNUC__)
#define theValue(expr) \
({ \
__typeof__(expr) kiwiReservedPrefix_lVar = expr; \
[KWValue valueWithBytes:&kiwiReservedPrefix_lVar objCType:@encode(__typeof__(expr))]; \
#endif // #if defined(__GNUC__)
// Example group declarations.
#define SPEC_BEGIN(name) \
@interface name : KWSpec \
@end \
@implementation name \
+ (void)buildExampleGroups { \
#define SPEC_END \
} \
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