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Release History
Contributors: Stepan Hruda, Marin Usalj, Jon Klein, Maxim V. Potapov, Jerry Marino, Allen Ding, Victor Ilyukevich, Michael Hackett
5b1515e Removed unnecessary exception in nil matchers
bcb20ea Fixed [[object should] beNil] and tests with similar syntax
b1472cf Returned -be(Non)Nil verifiers for now, deprecated -shouldBe(Non)Nil
32cded6 Fixed: Xcode template install script fails because "Xcode Templates" path includes a space.
0b81db1 simplified readme
1f51476 Added missing headers to Copy Files step of iOS framework build.
01e8fd1 Updated list of valid architectures
dbf3a67 Add Marin Usalj to contributors in podspec
116d805 Second attempt to fix travis build
dfb938d Attempt to fix the KiwiTests target on travis
7c53c57 Set VALID_ARCHS for KiwiTests target
dbc75a7 removed (null) records in project
a71cd5b add method names for shouldAfterWait and friends
60cfc8a implement an async watcher that always waits until the end before checking the result
c0366c0 Rename KW_SPEC environment variable + Cleanup
f397b05 - Focus an it/context/describe node with a call site - Set focused node with environment variable URI
4b2dde5 Implement run a single spec
eaea2a1 added a missing import. fixes #179
a1973ee added a newline
4d753a6 remove waitFor macro
9a25fae add support for [[obj shouldNotEventually] receive: ...]
Contributors: Cameron Desautels, Marin Usalj, Kristopher Johnson, Allen Ding, Rob Napier, Philippe Bernery, Viktor Ilyukevich, Gordon Fontentot
f6d79d4 simplified
8a8ab2c inlined pragma marks
f84ccc0 removed redundant header declarations
7dfd24d removing some unneeded declarations
9d36bd8 Fix whitespace on Kiwi file template
38ffc5c Added Travis CI integration
defeebe removed beNil beNonNil matchers.
6b7b41a removed NewMacros file as it was empty. added newline
a4eed62 added newline compiler check, corrected newline issues
34e774b Add KWContainStringMatcher, supporting expectations containString:, containString:options:, startWithString:, and endWithString:
d869399 Renamed failWith macro to fail
8fc4bfc Adds a failWith macro to report a failure.
27f4817 Add support for matchPattern:options:
3b581c3 Add KWRegularExpressionPatternMatcher, to support [[subject should] matchPattern:(NSString*)regexPattern]
e498b75 Fixes #245 "length" synonym for "count"
6dbf47d Add missing tests for KWBeSubclassOfClassMatcher
0545772 KWBeSubclassOfClassMatcher: fix typo in description
65d4e04 Add tests for more informative class matcher failure methods
75f25fe Provide more useful output when class matchers fail
Contributors: Marin Usalj, Adam Sharp, Klaas Pieter Annema, Daniel Hammond, Tim LeMaster, Alex Dunn, Stepan Hruda, Andrew Wagner
d52076d Add tests for pointer value matches
0216268 refactored formatter a bit
652d62b Added tests for KWFormatter
93b92ed Add thePointerValue() macro
8e52df9 Convert stub nil arguments to NSNull before adding to params array
88446a2 fix #185 - dictionary failures now have keys and values
a8ff0c2 Added support for partial mocks
be3b4b2 Compile issue with pull request 223
5e76f06 Fix spelling error
bec597d Changed the suggested installation method to CocoaPods
bba2eda Added class-level stubbing and spying methods.
7c0f178 Removed KWMock captureArgument:atIndex method since it has been moved to NSObject level
c48d874 Receive matcher now stubs its expected message, as in RSpec.
44f6ebd Prevent nil inseration exception on failure without callsite
Contributors: Tim Brückmann, Stepan Hruda, Stewart Gleadow
126fde2 Differentiating mockName from generic name property
4ee4c96 Added AppCode .idea to ignore file
49f9d8f Added argument spying capabilities to NSObject
1e618bf Added method for block substitution capabilities to all NSObjects
fd66c6f Add stub:withBlock: to NSObject stub category
e48c398 Updated code to modern Objective-C syntax (literals)
a813200 issue #179 - Add support for expectations on NSProxy
- issue #206 - Fix Kiwi clashing definition with OCHamcrest
- Add Release.txt (this file) to keep track of changes in each version
- issue #186 - Add hack to coax Xcode into providing autocompletion for Kiwi verifier keywords