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Release History
+Contributors: Stepan Hruda, Marin Usalj, Jon Klein, Maxim V. Potapov, Jerry Marino, Allen Ding, Victor Ilyukevich, Michael Hackett
+5b1515e Removed unnecessary exception in nil matchers
+bcb20ea Fixed [[object should] beNil] and tests with similar syntax
+b1472cf Returned -be(Non)Nil verifiers for now, deprecated -shouldBe(Non)Nil
+32cded6 Fixed: Xcode template install script fails because "Xcode Templates" path includes a space.
+0b81db1 simplified readme
+1f51476 Added missing headers to Copy Files step of iOS framework build.
+01e8fd1 Updated list of valid architectures
+dbf3a67 Add Marin Usalj to contributors in podspec
+116d805 Second attempt to fix travis build
+dfb938d Attempt to fix the KiwiTests target on travis
+7c53c57 Set VALID_ARCHS for KiwiTests target
+dbc75a7 removed (null) records in project
+a71cd5b add method names for shouldAfterWait and friends
+60cfc8a implement an async watcher that always waits until the end before checking the result
+c0366c0 Rename KW_SPEC environment variable + Cleanup
+f397b05 - Focus an it/context/describe node with a call site - Set focused node with environment variable URI
+4b2dde5 Implement run a single spec
+eaea2a1 added a missing import. fixes #179
+a1973ee added a newline
+4d753a6 remove waitFor macro
+9a25fae add support for [[obj shouldNotEventually] receive: ...]
Contributors: Cameron Desautels, Marin Usalj, Kristopher Johnson, Allen Ding, Rob Napier, Philippe Bernery, Viktor Ilyukevich, Gordon Fontentot

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