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language: objective-c
- gem install xcpretty
-script: make ci | xcpretty -c
+script: make ci | xcpretty -c && exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]}
@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@
## Kiwi has moved to the kiwi-bdd organization here: ( Please go there. allending/Kiwi is now a personal fork used to submit PRs.
-[![Build Status](](
+[![Build Status](](
Kiwi is a Behavior Driven Development library for iOS development.
The goal is to provide a BDD library that is exquisitely simple to setup and use.
-# Why? #
+## Why?
The idea behind Kiwi is to have tests that are more readable than what is possible with the bundled test framework.
Tests (or rather specs) are written in Objective-C and run within the comfort of Xcode to provide a test environment that is as unobtrusive and seamless as possible in terms of running tests and error reporting.
@@ -30,12 +30,13 @@ describe(@"Team", ^{
-# Documentation #
+## Documentation
The [Kiwi Wiki]( is the official documentation source.
-# Getting it #
+## Getting it
The best way to get Kiwi is by using [CocoaPods](
For all the installation details, check out the [Wiki](
-# Support #
+## Support
For all the questions / suggestions you have, that aren't bug reports please use our [Google Group](!forum/kiwi-bdd)

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