Work-in-progress Arduino Hayes AT command parser.
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Hayes AT command parser.

NOTE: Currently, this does not actually parse AT commands. It only handles the "+++" escape sequence to get in to command mode. This is all I needed initially, but I will be adding a simple parser based on the Hayes modem style commands. I wanted to post this in case anyone else wanted to work with it until I get around to finishing my project...


2014-03-03 allenh - Initial, hastily created README file.


  • - this file
  • ATParserDemo.ino - end-user demo program
  • sesATParser.ino - the actual AT parser code
  • sesATParserConfig.h - config for the AT parser


By default, the AT Parser is set to look for "+++" with a one second gaurd time (pause in front, and after). It can be altered to look for other escape sequences, and there is even some commented out code to make it look for something other than a series of repeating characters. The normal Hayes standard only allows for setting the escape character, which defaults to "+", but you could customize it to be "***" with a three second pause before and after.

// Define the escape sequence.
#define ESC_GUARD_TIME  1000 // Seconds required before/after escape sequence.
#define ESC_CHARACTER   '+'  // Default escape character.


The demo program prints a message, then will just echo anything typed back to the console. If there is a one second pause, followed by "+++" and another one second pause, command mode will be enabled. (Note that by default, the Serial Monitor in Arduino's IDE will always echo a CR/LF after anything you send, thus it will be sending "+++CRLF" so the parser will not be seeing a one second pause after the last "+". To get around this, you have to turn the Serial Monitor to 'No line ending' so you can type the "+++" at the top and press Send/Enter and have it sent without any CRLF after it. Then, once you are in command mode, you can turn back on the CRLF so you can type commands.)

Just a quick and dirty demo.