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Vim script to open related files by command, or by keymap(i.e. \n or any)

Screen Shot

How it works

  • When initialized, set related files

  • In vim window, when NextFile() is called, by key mapping, n, is pressed

    • Get the current file name
    • Get the related files
    • Browse the related files and open in current, splitted, or vertically splitted window


  • \r to open related files
  • <Enter> to open a file
  • o to open in a split window
  • v to open in a vertically split window
  • NEW!! <Enter> on directory will list files in the directory


  • Download the following files into ~/.vim/plugin directory

    • nextfiles.vim
    • singular_expressions.txt
    • plural_expressions.txt
  • To your ~/.vimrc, add a keyboard map to call NextFiles() function

    • The following is my preference. \r to see related files
    nmap <Leader>r <ESC>:call NextFile()&l6;CR>

Or, you may assign \n to see next file on the cursor

    nmap <Leader>n <ESC>:call NextFile()&l6;CR>
  • For Rails developers, there is pre-defined mapping like the following. You may want to change this. If so, you can re-define this in your .vimrc
    let g:nextFilesMap["Ruby On Rails"] = {
      \ "Ruby On Rails" : {
        \ "Controller" : { "expression" : "app/controllers/(.*)_controller.rb$", "transform" : "pluralize" },
        \ "Funtional Test" : { "expression" : "test/functional/(.*)_controller_test.rb$", "transform" : "pluralize" },
        \ "View" : { "expression" : "app/view/(.*)/", "transform" : "pluralize" },
        \ "Model" : { "expression" : "app/models/(.*).rb$", "transform" : "singularize" },
        \ "Unit Test" : { "expression" : "test/unit/(.*)_test.rb$", "transform" : "singularize" }
      \ }
    \ }