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OpenLayer React Components
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A minimal React wrapper of OpenLayers 3+ written in TypeScript



npm install react-openlayers --save-dev


import {
  interaction, layer, custom, control, //name spaces
  Interactions, Overlays, Controls,     //group
  Map, Layers, Overlay, Util    //objects
} from "react-openlayers";


    <Map view={{center: [0, 0], zoom: 2}} onClick={showPopup}>
        <layer.Vector source={markers} style={} zIndex="1" />
          ref={comp => this.overlayComp = comp}
          element="#popup" />
      <Controls attribution={false} zoom={true}>
        <control.Rotate />
        <control.ScaleLine />
        <control.FullScreen />
        <control.OverviewMap />
        <control.ZoomSlider />
        <control.ZoomToExtent />
        <control.Zoom />
        <interaction.Select style={selectedMarkerStyle} />
        <interaction.Draw source={markers} type='Point' />
        <interaction.Modify features={markers.features} />

    <custom.Popup ref={comp => this.popupComp = comp}>

It strictly follows OpenLayers 3+ API documention

About Author

Allen Kim is the creator of ngmap and ng2-map.

If you like this, you may also like geo-coder.

To start

$ git clone
$ cd react-openlayers
$ npm install
$ npm start

List of available npm tasks

  • npm run : List all available tasks
  • npm start: Run app directory for development using webpack-dev-server with port 9001
  • npm run clean: Remove dist folder
  • npm run clean:dist: Clean up unnecessary dist folder within dist and app directory
  • npm run build:umd: Build UMD module react-openlayers.umd.js
  • npm run build:app: Build app/build/app.js for runnable examples
  • npm run build: Build all(build:ngc, build:umc, build:app, and clean:dist)
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