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Advanced Data Management assignment 1
Java Shell
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Download the latest source code from:

Or, if you are using git, after you configure your git environment, please use the following commands:

mkdir knn
cd knn
git clone

This is a eclipse project. You can open the whole project with eclipse using Java project wizard.

To run the program, please ensure that JDK and JRE is correctly configured on your computer. Then go to the /src/knn directory in command line(in Windows) or terminal(in Unix-based OS).

1. To compile the project

javac -d . *.java


sh comp

2. Run

Type java knn.Main to view the command line help message

3. Report

Report is in prediction.txt.

4. Some Examples

sh comp
java knn.Main
java knn.Main knn 
java knn.Main knn dna 5 0
java knn.Main knn dna.train.txt dna.test.txt 5 0
java knn.Main lsh dna 10 10 5 0
java knn.Main lsh dna 10 10 5 0 5 5
java knn.Main lsh dna 10 10 5 0 5 5 d

For any further information, please email

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