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This repository contains a collection of notebooks on how to use Lux.

  • demo/: Demo notebooks with an overview of how lux can be used with different datasets
  • exercise/: Hands-on excercise introducing key features of Lux with a data playground
  • tutorial/: Complete tutorial series introducing basic to advanced features in Lux


Check out this recording of a 1-hr session that walks through three hands-on exercise on Lux. To follow along, you can clone this repo to follow along the instructions in the notebooks.

git clone

Installation and Setup

Option #1: Click on the following link to try out Lux via Binder.


Option #2: Download and install Docker, then run:

cd lux-binder
docker build -t lux -f Dockerfile-Lux .
docker run -p 8890:8890 lux

Visit localhost:8890 in your browser to access the Jupyter notebooks.

Once you have your Jupyter opened, you should see a list of notebooks in the exercise/ directory. 0-Lux-Overview.ipynb is the demo walkthrough. You can also try out these hands-on exercises:

  • 1-Specify-Intent: Learn how to specify your analysis intent in Lux to steer the recommended visualizations.
  • 2-Quick-Vis: Learn how to quickly create visualization or collections of visualization in Lux.
  • 3-Exporting-Widget: Learn how to export a visualization of interest into code.
  • 4-Data-Playground: Explore different dataset using Lux.

Please fill out this quick survey to help us improve Lux.


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