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(ns couverjure.examples.basiccocoa
; The class "SimpleAppDelegate" is named as the "File's Owner" in our default NIB
; - so will be automatically loaded after NSApplicationMain is invoked.
(defimplementation SimpleAppDelegate NSObject
; define accessors for window and webView - both of which have been named
; as outlets on SimpleAppDelegate in the NIB
(property :window :atom)
(property :webView :atom)
; implement init to set up our state (must currently do this if we define properties.)
(method [OCID :init] []
(let [_self (>>super self :init)]
(init _self {:window (atom nil) :webView (atom nil)})
; SimpleAppDelegate is wired as the application delegate in the NIB, so this will be invoked after load
(method [OCVoid :applicationDidFinishLaunching OCID] [notification]
(println "App Did Finish Launching"))
; backForward: is an action wired to the segmented control we're using for back and forward buttons
(method [OCVoid :backForward OCID] [segmented-control]
; the explicit deref of properties is pretty ugly here - it's much less code to invoke
; the accessor (but currently much slower!)
(let [web-view (deref ((properties self) :webView))]
(condp = (>> segmented-control :selectedSegment)
0 (>> web-view :goBack)
1 (>> web-view :goForward))))
; handle new values in the address box
(method [OCVoid :address OCID] [text-field]
(>> (deref ((properties self) :webView)) :takeStringURLFrom text-field)))
; This is a hack to get around the fact that either JavaApplicationStub or clojure (most likely the former)
; does not run this script on Cocoa's "main thread" - and we need our invocation os NSApplicationMain to
; happen on the main thread.
; We acheive this by creating an instance of an anonymous (objc) class and invoking it using performSelectorOnMainThread
(let [ThreadAdapter
(implementation (str (gensym)) NSObject
(method [OCVoid :onMainThread] []
(NSApplicationMain 0 nil)))
thread-adapter (alloc ThreadAdapter)]
(>> thread-adapter :init)
(>> thread-adapter :performSelectorOnMainThread (selector :onMainThread) :withObject nil :waitUntilDone true))