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A collection of themes for RStudio
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RStudio Theme Collection

This is a collection of custom RStudio themes that offer alternatives to the default built-in themes. If you would like to suggest a new theme, please create a pull request or open an issue.

If you would like to learn more about how to create custom themes for RStudio, please see the RStudio theme creation website.

How to install/use custom themes

RStudio supports custom themes in version 1.20 or higher. Themes can be installed via Tools - Global Options - Appearance - Add Theme. Once a theme is installed, the theme name will appear in the theme list and it can be activated by simply clicking on it.

Add Theme option in RStudio Global Preferences Menu

Dark Themes

Light Themes

Built-in RStudio Themes

The list below shows the full list of the currently built-in RStudio themes that are installed by default.



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