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What is Irving Core?

Irving Core is a React based, isomorphically rendered, headless CMS frontend application. Irving allows quick and easy development of headless/decoupled websites.

In order to support development and production, there are a number of Irving packages, design/development patterns, and libraries that work together to create a powerful ecosystem of development tools.

Elevator Pitch

Irving takes a JSON string of components and hydrates React components. The frontend application makes a request to the API passing along the route details, which keeps the business logic in the backend/CMS layer. This allows for lightweight rendering and output without sacrificing any SPA functionality or power behind React.

WordPress Support

As one of the largest and most robust CMS solutions available, we've developed a collection of components, libraries, utilities, and development patterns that make using WordPress and Irving a no-brainer.

  • WP Irving - Install this WordPress plugin to use WordPress as your API provider.
  • WP Components - A robust collection of opinionated components to make developing your site quick and easy.

Begin Exploring Irving

  1. Why Irving? - Pros/Cons of Irving, and frequently asked questions.
  2. Getting started with a new project
  3. Deploying a production project

Getting Technical

  1. Request Lifecycle
  2. Code Structure
  3. Irving APIs
    1. Components API -This is the primary API used to render Irving components.
    2. Data API - API used for the async data loader.
    3. Form API - This API is used for form handling.
  4. Isomorphic Rendering

WordPress Support

We have a robust WordPress integration for Irving.

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