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Elasticsearch integration for WordPress.
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Elasticsearch integration for WordPress.

Currently in Beta

SearchPress is currently in beta. The most significant impact of this is backwards compatibility. Until SearchPress reaches its first full release (1.0), backwards compatibility will not be guaranteed. In most cases, this will only impact you if you're using SearchPress in an advanced or custom manner. That said, even if you aren't, it's best to perform a reindex after updating SearchPress.

Each stable release will be tagged and you'll be able to download that release indefinitely.

master should be considered a nightly build and should be tested carefully before deploying to production environments. master will never contain code known to not be stable, and SearchPress has a thorough battery of unit tests to help maintain that. Furthermore, SearchPress uses Travis CI to test against a range of versions of PHP, WordPress, and Elasticsearch to help maximize stability and minimize surprises.


  • elasticsearch 1.3+; 5.0 recommended.
  • PHP 5.3+; PHP 7 recommended.


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. You'll be prompted to add your elasticsearch endpoint and to index your posts
  4. Once indexing is complete, you're good to go!



  • Adds unit testing
  • Significant updates to mapping (breaking change)
  • Enforce data types when indexing
  • Adds helper functions
  • Adds support for ES 1.0+ (breaking change)
  • Refactors search (breaking change)
  • Removes SP_Config::unserialize_meta()
  • Adds Heartbeat to automatically disable the integration if ES goes away
  • Update to latest WP Coding Standards
  • Assorted bug fixes


  • First release!
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