@dlh01 dlh01 released this May 5, 2018

1.2.3 is a bug fix release.

Changelog (since 1.2.2)

  • Fixed: PHP warning when attempting to set a validation error message (#689).

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@dlh01 dlh01 released this Apr 4, 2018

1.2.2 is a bug fix release.

Changelog (since 1.2.1)

  • Fixed: Ensure Fieldmanager_Datasource_Term loads terms by their saved term_order (#699).
  • Fixed: Avoid attempting to count a non-countable value (#671).


@mboynes mboynes released this Jan 8, 2018

1.2.1 is a bug fix release.

Changelog (since 1.2.0)

  • Fix bug where checkboxes used for display_if may not initialize properly (#678)

1.2.0 Scruffy Scruffington

@mboynes mboynes released this Nov 5, 2017 · 35 commits to master since this release

Fieldmanager version 1.2.0 is a janitorial release. Coding standards updates and bug fixes aplenty!

Breaking Changes

This release has a few potentially (albeit very low-risk) breaking changes to be aware of:

  • Minimum required version of WordPress increased to 4.7. See #651.
  • Chosen was updated to the latest version, which changes the html classes added to select elements. See #488.
  • Fieldmanager_Draggable_Post and Fieldmanager_Context_Page are now deprecated. Flagging them as deprecated doesn't technically make for a breaking change, but using them will now throw a warning. See #653.
  • Fieldmanager_Colorpicker::sanitize_hex_color() was removed in favor of core's sanitize_hex_color(). See #669, #492.

Changelog (since 1.1.0)

  • Coding standards cleanse -- huge props to @kjbenk and @dlh01! (#645, amongst many others)
  • Update Travis CI config to test against PHP 7.1, 7.2 (#641)
  • Delete highly important .DS_Store file (#572)
  • Enhance composer.json (#550)
  • Move label within wrapper if not one_label_per_item (#634)
  • Remove leftover reference to this in fm_remove() (#577)
  • Allow changing the $autoload submenu parameter (#558, #655)
  • Add field-specific element markup filters (#495)
  • Add dev branch to Travis CI tests (#465)
  • Return before casting empty Datepicker value to integer (#564)
  • PHPDoc updates (#619)
  • Update get_terms() arguments (#541)
  • Cast scalar meta values as string (#650)
  • Test Datasource Term with Multiple Taxonomy (#542)
  • Increase minimum supported WP version to 4.7 (#651)
  • Add version tag and improve class used in test (#652)
  • Update chosen.js (#488)
  • Deprecate Fieldmanager_Draggable_Post and Fieldmanager_Context_Page (#653)
  • Assign classes to the hidden checkbox form element (#557)
  • Add 'utils' to RichTextArea script dependencies (#559)
  • Fix issues with only_save_to_taxonomy (#659)
  • Allow limiting to top-level terms, for which Core uses parent of 0 (#664)
  • Fix sortable bug with mixed sortable nested groups (#667)
  • Don't force a term parent if one is requested (#665)

See the full diff for additional details.

Release Credits

@kjbenk, @dlh01, @mboynes, @mslinnea, @pjpak, @mjangda, @szepeviktor, @david-binda, @joshkadis, @s3rgiosan, @kkoppenhaver, @srtfisher, @ethitter

1.1.0 Bender B. Rodriguez

@mboynes mboynes released this Oct 6, 2017 · 270 commits to master since this release

Changelog (since 1.0.0)

  • Add option for setting the default color in color pickers (#491)
  • Breaking change: Fix argument order for optgroup key=>val pairs (#499)
  • Appropriately handle zeros in repeating fields (#500)
  • Fix toggle arrow on collapsed groups (#512)
  • Filter the calculated context for plugins (#510)
  • Enhance script and style loading (#509)
  • Abandon display-if setup if no trigger is found (#537)
  • Add selected/remove labels to Fieldmanager_Media (#545)
  • Fix some leaky unit tests (#567)
  • Assorted inline documentation updates (#522, #544)
  • Assorted Travis CI updates (#511, #620)
  • Assorted coding standards updates (#528, #530, #531, #533, #535, #620, #639)

See the full diff for additional details.

Release Credits

@dlh01, @mboynes, @kjbenk, @scottnelle

1.0.0 Professor Farnsworth

@mboynes mboynes released this Mar 4, 2016 · 354 commits to master since this release

This is the official 1.0 release of Fieldmanager. This release is the culmination of 1,070 commits, by 24 people, spread out over 3.5 years. Nothing significant changed since the 1.0.0-rc release candidate.

Read more about Fieldmanager at http://fieldmanager.org/.

1.0.0 RC

@mboynes mboynes released this Feb 22, 2016 · 362 commits to master since this release

This is a release candidate for 1.0.0. Pending bug reports, we'd like to publish this as the official 1.0 release this week.

Changelog (since v1.0.0-beta.3)

  • Added Fieldmanager_Colorpicker (#412)
  • UI Updates (mainly #424)
  • Make the context actions more flexible (#374)
  • Allow attaching taxonomy terms to users (#440)
  • Scores of bug fixes

See the full diff, or the PR list for a deeper look at the goodness.

Release Credits

@mboynes, @danielbachhuber, @dlh01, @nschoenholtz, @stevenslack, @joshkadis, @enrico-sorcinelli, @goldenapples, @xmattus, @aaronjorbin

v1.0.0 Beta 3

@mboynes mboynes released this Dec 31, 2015 · 513 commits to master since this release

This is the third and final beta release for 1.0.0.

Changelog (since v1.0.0-beta.2)

  • Leverage WordPress core's term meta for the term context and deprecate Fieldmanager's term meta
  • Allow user data storage to be modified
  • Adds framework for custom JS args for autocomplete
  • Addresses term splitting
  • Several UI enhancements
  • Assorted updates for WordPress 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5
  • Assorted bug fixes

See the full diff here.

Release Credits

@mboynes, @bcampeau, @montchr, @zgreen, @nschoenholtz, @dlh01, @matthewspencer, @firejdl, @stevenslack, @danielbachhuber, @goldenapples, @srtfisher

v1.0.0 Beta 2

@mboynes mboynes released this Jan 16, 2015 · 664 commits to master since this release

This is the second beta release for 1.0.0.

Changelog (since v1.0.0-beta)

  • Fixed a bug with fields where only_save_to_taxonomy is true and append_taxonomy is false
  • Updates to checkboxes to improve support for default states
  • Added support for storing properties other than IDs for user datasources
  • Improved test coverage
  • Assorted bug fixes

See the full diff here.

Release Credits

@bcampeau, @mboynes, @nschoenholtz, @willgladstone, @dlh01, @mattheu, @joshkadis

v1.0.0 Beta

@mboynes mboynes released this Jan 6, 2015

This is the first beta release for 1.0.0.

Changelog (since v0.9.0)

  • Style updates
  • Context cleanup/overhaul
  • Added options to store data in separate meta keys instead of serialized php
  • Improved support for submenu pages in custom menu slugs
  • Fixed bug with select field and repeatables
  • Added support for vertical tabs
  • Improved test coverage

See the full diff here.

Release Credits

@mboynes, @dlh01, @netaustin