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1.0.0 RC

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@mboynes mboynes released this 22 Feb 21:13

This is a release candidate for 1.0.0. Pending bug reports, we'd like to publish this as the official 1.0 release this week.

Changelog (since v1.0.0-beta.3)

  • Added Fieldmanager_Colorpicker (#412)
  • UI Updates (mainly #424)
  • Make the context actions more flexible (#374)
  • Allow attaching taxonomy terms to users (#440)
  • Scores of bug fixes

See the full diff, or the PR list for a deeper look at the goodness.

Release Credits

@mboynes, @danielbachhuber, @dlh01, @nschoenholtz, @stevenslack, @joshkadis, @enrico-sorcinelli, @goldenapples, @xmattus, @aaronjorbin