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pylibnet - Python module for the libnet packet injection library
Copyright (C) 2009 Nadeem Douba
To install this module you will need to install the following:
* libnet-1.1.x: to inject your packets.
All these prerequisites can be installed using apt-get, port, or fink.
Debian users can install the following packages to meet the pre-
requisite requirements:
* build-essential
* libnet1-dev
* python-dev
For Mac OS/X users, please use the libnet libraries that come from
the Fink distribution. If you try to compile libnet in Mac OS/X you
will run into a bug that causes "pblock not found" errors.
The documentation will be in the next release. Your input is always
valued. The documentation from libnet-1.1.x can be used with the
following principles in mind:
* To create a context use libnet.context(injection_type, device)
+ This will create the libnet_t *l pointer which is used to
build packets and return a libnet.context object.
* All autobuild, write, and resolver functions can be accessed
via the libnet.context object using the following conventions:
+ omit the 'libnet_' prefix when calling any function
+ eliminate the 'libnet_t *l' param in the method call since
this is essentially provided by the libnet.context object
* Remember to inject responsibly
Please let me know if we can improve this wrapper in any way. The
documentation will come in the form of docstrings in the next
release. Also, context queuing and chaining will be supported.
Happy Injecting!