SVG version

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SVG version

SVG is better option, if you want to use just a few icons (including whole webfont would be data-inefficient. Find the icons you need in "SVG" folder and copy them to your project. Then use them as regular images:

<img src="img/BTC.svg" alt="Bitcoin">

Tip: You can also open each SVG icon in text editor and copy its contents directly into HTML, resulting in fewer HTTP requests and ability to style icons direcly via CSS. There are also many scripts that do the same automatically – your choice.

When extracted to HTML directly, you can style the icons via CSS like this:

Note: be sure to use SVG's "fill" property instead of "color".

.btc { fill: black; }
.btc:hover { fill: orange; }

You can also include cryptocoins-color.css which contains all the coins' main colors. This stylesheet colors all the icons via fill by default, so edit it as you please.

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