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The various bits and pieces that make up my *gdq tracker. This is a cobbled together bunch of scripts and other bits and pieces and I don't intend anyone except me to run it.

setting up a new marathon

Copy to and fill in the everything, except the twitch variables, which are covered next.

twitch stuff

Get twitch client id and secret from, put them in

Run twitch-utils/, this will use the client id and secret to get an access token. Copy it into

Run twitch-utils/, passing in the username of a live twitch streamer. This will call a couple of endpoints and should print some info about the stream. If it doesn't the token probably doesn't work.

how it works

the cron job

This is run by cron every minute. It fetches the viewer count from the twitch API, the donation total from the tracker API and scrapes the schedule from the schedule page.

This script isn't pretty but it's been proven to not die very often over the years. It attempts to recover from any errors and write a null in place of the data it would have written, to ensure there's a record in the JSON for every minute no matter what.

The cron job looks something like this:

* * * * *  cd /home/alligator/dev/agdq-tracker/sgdq19 && /home/alligator/.local/bin/pipenv run python

the web interface

This is the code for the actual tracker you see. As before the code is real ugly (and ancient in terms of JS coding standards) but it continues to work with only minor tweaks, so it's here to stay I guess.

other stuff

misc/comparison contains the code for the comparison chart. This was hacked together quickly and it shows.

misc/comparison-new contains the code for the newer comparison chart. This is also hacked together, but is slightly more useable.

The newest comparison chart lives in it's own repository.

misc/original-tracker contains the code for the original tracker , which used the google charts API instead of d3.

misc/ a very simple python script that looks at the json output from the tracker and posts a message to a discord webhook when a new game is coming up. i point it at a gdq specific channel on a discord server so people can always see what's on now and what's up next.


the various bits and pieces that make up my *gdq tracker






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