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add import capabillities to every django modeladmin
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Admin Import


Notice: This application is still under development and everything is subject to change.

  1. Add 'admin_import' to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file.

  2. Add an import to your admin like so:

        from admin_import.options import add_import
    except ImportError:
  3. Add a button in your admin by overriding the change_list.html template for your specific model or use add_import(InviteeAdmin, add_button=True)

  4. If you need an other modelform than used in the admin you can override the ``get_admin_import_model_form` function. But it should be capable of excluding some files.

Change Notes


  • add a method to specify a custom form to use during the import
  • cleaned up some code
  • replace print with logging
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