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Changes to GWSocket 0.3 - Friday, August 10 2018
- Added a 'build configuration' summary to
- Added additional debug messages when starting WebSocket server.
- Added support for openssl-1.1*.
- Added support for TLS/SSL
- Fixed clean up of invalid UTF-8 sequences in WebSocket server.
- Fixed header parsing issue for certain hosts when trying to upgrade
connection resulting in a 400 status code.
- Removed FIPS_mode_set() from websocket.c to make it compatible with LibreSSL.
Changes to GWSocket 0.2 - Tuesday, October 11, 2016
- Added a throttle mechanism for slow clients.
- Added byte-swapping functions for glibc < 2.9.
- Added missing command long option for binding address.
- Added the ability to display active connections on DEBUG mode.
- Fixed byte swap functions for Sun Solaris.
- Fixed memory leak on dangling client's referer header and queue on server
- Fixed potential invalid memory read when queueing up fifo buffer.
- Fixed uint types in sha1 files.
- Refactored how all file descriptors are monitored under websocket.c.
- Renamed --bind command line option to --addr.
Changes to GWSocket 0.1 - Monday, May 02, 2016
- Initial release 0.1