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What is it?
gwsocket is a standalone, simple, yet powerful rfc6455 compliant WebSocket
Server, written in C.
I needed a simple, fast, no-dependencies, RFC6455 compliant WebSocket Server
written in C that I could use as a library for the upcoming version (v1.0) of
GoAccess by simply piping data in and out.
* Message Fragmentation per section 5.4
* UTF-8 Handling
* Framing (Text & Binary messages)
* Multiplexed non-blocking network I/O
* Ability to pipe data in/out in two different modes (stdin/stdout & strict mode)
* It passes the Autobahn Testsuite :)
* and of course, Valgrind tested.
* missing something?, please feel free to post it on Github.
How it Works?
Very simple, just pipe your data out of your application and let gwsocket do
the rest. e.g.: tail -f /var/log/nginx/access.log > /tmp/wspipein.fifo
By the way, you can also pipe the client's data into your application.
Note: You can even send your favorite NCurses program's output. See
More Examples?
Looking for more examples and details on how it works? Head to the man page for
more details. Or visit