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Data visualization with ggplot2
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This repository has the code and data files necessary for the 'Data Visualization - Introduction to ggplot' workshop on January 17, 2018 at UCSB. The objective is to introduce basics of creating and customizing graph using ggplot, including:

  • General structure of ggplot() code
  • Customizing axes labels and titles
  • Customizing graph aesthetics (by variable)
  • Faceting (facet_wrap)
  • Types of graphs (geoms)
  • Bar graphs (stacked counts, proportions, and clustered)
  • Exporting graphs (ggsave)

Before the workshop, please:

  • Install the tidyverse package if you don't have it already (ggplot2 package is included in the tidyverse)
  • Load the dataset np_visit.csv (a file containing visitor counts at National Parks in the United States)
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