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'gt' for nice tables in R (by @rich-iannone)

The package description, beautiful ReadMe, excellent examples + documentation, etc.: https://github.com/rstudio/gt

The installation:

Install the development version of the 'gt' package (see below - not yet on CRAN). Note: I had to update a number of packages (prompted during gt install).


The summary (from RStudio):

"With the gt package, anyone can make wonderful-looking tables using the R programming language. The gt philosophy: we can construct a wide variety of useful tables with a cohesive set of table parts."

See the link above for a description of various components for a gt table.

Some little examples:

Since sometimes I'm even overwhelmed by the "simple" examples in R-documentation, I created some of my own here (using built-in datasets or tibbles that I make). Each example shows something a little different.