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Dr. Julia Lowndes keynote illustrations

This folder contains artwork by @allison_horst that was conceived of, and presented by, Dr. Julia Lowndes (@jules32) - director of Openscapes for talks including her opening keynote at the useR! 2019 conference. (Slides are here).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

An extended version of the classic R4DS schematic from Grolemund & Wickham, with environmental data science, communities, and communication added:

And here's the same illustration as above, but with room for you to add your own organizations/communities in the green donut!

Data science & teamwork feedback loop:

Luke doesn't have the tools when he crashes on Dagobah...

...but Yoda shows him what's possible with the foRce.

Which is so powerful!

But even if you become a Jedi, you still need your community to defeat the Empire:

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