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WakatimeBlender is a simple plugin for the Blender 3D graphics software that sends time-tracking statistics to the Wakatime online service using official wakatime client.


To install the plugin you need to download the source code archive from Releases section.


Chose the version made for your version of Blender.


Save it somewhere, open the Blender, go to Edit->Preferences...->Add-ons->Install...


Select the downloaded .zip and click Install Addon.


Then check the check-box near the plugin name in the list to enable it.


After that a dialog prompting to enter the Wakatime API key may appear. Enter your key here and push "OK". If the key is incorrect and an attempt to send statistics fails the dialog will show up again.


If wish to change the key or other settings, press Space to summon the floating search menu, then start type "wakatime" until corresponding actions are shown. Select "Wakatime Preferences" to summon the dialog again.


Another way to get to this dialog is through the Blender->System-> menu


When setup is finished, the plugin should start sending the time you've spent on the currently loaded .blend file automatically in the background. Note, that unless you save a newly created file no stats are gathered, because Wakatime needs a filepath.

If you need to re-download wakatime client, use the menu/search action "Download wakatime client". The progress will be reported in the "Info" window as well as on the status bar.



Wakatime will try to detect the projects name, e.g. from the git-repo. If you do not work with git, the project's name would be "Unknown Project" within Wakatime.
So this Add-On can construct the project name from the current .blend file name or from the name of its parent folder.

To fine-tune the project's name there are some options available under Blender->System->Wakatime Preferences (or through the global search menu).


The first two check-boxes allow you to decide whether to always use the guessed name from this Add-On, effectively overwriting WakaTime discovered name (i.e. the git-repo).

  • Overwrite project-discovery by default - sets the global default (stored in .wakatime.cfg), which applies to new files
  • Overwrite project-discovery with the name from below - enables project descovery override for the current .blend file

The following options only work when the Overwrite project-discovery with the name from below is enabled.

The Use folder-name as projectname check-box enables the use of .blend file parent folder name as the base of the Wakatime-project-name:

  • if not checked (the default) - the file name (without the .blend extension) is used
  • if checked - the name of the folder containing the .blend file is used

With the project-name extracted, further processing takes place:

  1. If there are specific (default: numbers, underscores and dots) trailing characters, those will be removed too.
  2. Optional: add a prefix to the project's title.
  3. Optional: add a postfix to the project's title.

The Heartbeat Frequency option allows to change the interval (in minutes) of sending idle activity reports to wakatime server.


  1. To give the project-name a ".blend"-extension, add ".blend" in the postfix-text-field.
  2. To only remove trailing numbers (e.g. versions), enter "1234567890" in the trailing character-text-field and press enter.
  3. To remove numbers, underscores and dots, enter "1234567890._" in the trailing character-text-field and press enter. (This is the default.)
  4. To turn "captain_afterburner.blend" into the project-name "[blender] captain_afterburner", set the prefix to "[blender] ", the postfix to "" (nothing).
  5. To turn "captain_afterburner_05.blend" into the project-name "[blender] captain_afterburner", apply steps #3 and #4 together.
  6. If you want to use the directory's name, check "Use folder-name as project-name". All steps from #1 to #5 can still be used to adjust the name.
  7. To prevent any adjusting of the projects-name, remove all the characters from all three text-fields and press enter.


When working on issues and/or new features, please, use the latest stable Blender and the python it bundles.

Before submitting a PR, always format the code with black. I don't particularly like its style myself, but it's the easiest-to-set-up common ground.


This is a plugin for the Blender that sends statistics to the Wakatime time tracking service.







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