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Snoopy is a bookmarklet for snooping on web pages. It's intended for use on mobile browsers where you can't view-source to poke around under the hood of sites to see how they're built, but you might find it useful for your desktop browser too.

Using the bookmarklet will give you an overlay featuring information that Snoopy can 'sniff' out of the page, such as the doctype, what JS libraries are used in the page, what analytics, what font embedding technique is used, etc. It also gives you the ability to view the raw and/or generated source of the page.

For full details and installation instructions please see

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Built with...

Snoopy makes use of a few other projects to make it all run nicely:

Browser Support

This is intended to be used in modern, mobile browsers, although it's intended to work in modern desktop browsers too. At the moment it is only really being actively tested in Mobile Safari, although I'll hopefully get some more complete browser testing done at some point soon.

I am not currently intending to support any versions of IE (although IE9 may be supported in the future... but don't hold your breath).



A view-source and page info bookmarklet for mobile browsers.