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Contribute more settings

To extend the site, we need more settings. There are a lot of lists of privacy settings, but most of them are without any descriptions of the settings and why they should be enabled or disabled.

Easy: Help us by contributing settings with description

Register a github account, if you don't have one. Then go to out issues list and create issues for the missing settings.

A helpful issue may look like this:

Disable DOM storage

Add an option to disable DOM storage, as it can be used to track users with
some kind of "supercookies".
See for more details.

Setting: false
Title: Disable DOM storage
Description: Disables DOM storage, which enables so called "supercookies".
Some modern sites will not fully not work (i.e. missing "save" functions).

The issue describes what the setting does, why it should be disabled and contains a suggestion for the texts needed on the website. This makes it easy to implement it. It can be very helpful to add a link, which explains the problems with the setting if it is not obvious.

Experts: Send us a pull request

Have a look at the files in the settings folder and send us a pull request with the new setting (and possibly a short description why it should be added)

Note: the values in the config section and the addons will be added when the checkmark is set. Even for "Disable something" options, the initial line just defines the checkmark on the website, not the boolean value of the setting.

    "initial": true,
    "type": "boolean",
    "config": {
        "some.settings.key": false

will result in user_pref("some.settings.key", false);, if the checkmark is not removed by the user.

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