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By Nevyn Bengtsson (, started 2018-08-25.

Alloverse is an open platform for collaborative workspaces in 3D. It’s Gibson style Cyberspace, but for your day-to-day work and play, with your friends and colleagues. It’s a VR and AR platform for creating spaces, and for running real applications within those spaces, together with other people.

Please see the public website for more information.

In nerd terms, it's a VR/AR/3D "window manager" and collaborative workspace.

  • Your "place" is where you decorate, run apps, invite people, and hang out. It's like a collaborative X11 server: It runs a world simulation server, a voip gateway, and all the backing data for 3d UIs for the running apps. The reference Elixir implementation is in alloplace.
  • A "visor" is the GUI application you use to visit places and interact with your apps. allovisor implements such a visor for VR in Unity.
  • An "appliance" is a process running on your computer, or on a computer on the Internet. Like opening a web page (or launching a remote X11 process), this app can then show its interface and be interacted with inside your place.
  • The network and "UI protocol" is abstracted into the allonet library, written in C and used by all the above projects.

I'm writing all this from scratch in my barely-available spare time because it's MY hobby project and ME is an idiot.

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