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Changed the irb example to use simple-prompt mode, as suggested by Th…

…ibault Martin-Lagardette

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@@ -175,14 +175,14 @@ We accomplish this with a small "Run Script" build phase added to the bundle tar
Now we can build the target, and a file called "TagLib.bundle" should appear in the project root. Now from a terminal, we can quickly test out the end result using the "macirb" command-line Ruby interpreter run from inside the project directory:
<% coderay :lang => 'ruby' do -%>
-$ macirb
-irb(main):001:0> require 'TagLibBundle'
+$ macirb --simple-prompt
+>> require 'TagLibBundle'
=> true
-irb(main):002:0> tag_test = TagLib.alloc.initWithFileAtPath("/path/to/test.mp3")
+>> tag_test = TagLib.alloc.initWithFileAtPath("/path/to/test.mp3")
=> #<TagLib:0x200090880>
-irb(main):003:0> tag_test.title
+>> tag_test.title
=> "This is the test MP3 title tag"
<% end %>
Now that this is working, the rest of the tags can be added in a similar fashion. The final code for this example is available on GitHub from <a href=""></a>.

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