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An experiment in using Core Data in a Ruby-ish way with RubyMotion

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A naive example of a migratable RubyMotion/CoreData wrapper

This uses a DSL which is inspired by DataMapper, but also ActiveRecord. In addition, it uses MagicalRecord for many common tasks.

The following models define a schema that is immediatly available during development:

class Author < MotionData::ManagedObject
  hasMany :articles, :class => 'Article'

  property :name, String, :required => true

class Article < MotionData::ManagedObject
  belongsTo :author, :class => 'Author'

  property :title,     String,  :required => true
  property :body,      String,  :required => true
  property :published, Boolean, :default  => false

NOTE: the association macros don't actually do anything yet.

The Schema instance can dump this definition, which looks like:

Schema.defineVersion('1.0') do |s|

  s.addEntity do |e| = 'Article'
    e.managedObjectClassName = 'Article'
    e.addProperty :published, Boolean, {:default=>false}
    e.addProperty :title, String, {:required=>true}
    e.addProperty :body, String, {:required=>true}

  s.addEntity do |e| = 'Author'
    e.managedObjectClassName = 'Author'
    e.addProperty :name, String, {:required=>true}


As you can see it has a version, this is the app’s release version. These dumps would be created on each new release of the app and would then allow for easy migrations with code that can be found in @mdiep’s CoreDataInCode example.

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