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(class BaconSpecification is NSObject
(ivars (id) context
(id) description
(id) block
(id) before
(id) after
(id) report
(id) exceptionOccurred
(id) postponedBlocksCount
(id) numberOfRequirementsBefore)
(- (id) initWithContext:(id)context description:(id)description block:(id)block before:(id)beforeFilters after:(id)afterFilters report:(id)report is
(self init)
(set @context context)
(set @description description)
(set @block block)
(set @report report)
(set @postponedBlocksCount 0)
(set @exceptionOccurred nil)
; create copies so that when the given arrays change later on, they don't change these
(set @before (beforeFilters copy))
(set @after (afterFilters copy))
(- (id) runBeforeFilters is
((@before list) each:(do (x) (@context instanceEval:x)))
(- (id) runAfterFilters is
((@after list) each:(do (x) (@context instanceEval:x)))
(- (id) run is
(if (@report)
($BaconSummary addSpecification)
(print "- #{@description}")
(set @numberOfRequirementsBefore ($BaconSummary requirements))
(self executeBlock:(do ()
(self runBeforeFilters)
; run actual specification
(@context instanceEval:@block)
(if (eq @postponedBlocksCount 0) (self finalize))
(- executeBlock:(id)block is
(call block)
(catch (e)
(set @exceptionOccurred t)
(if (@report)
(if (eq (e class) BaconError)
($BaconSummary addFailure)
(set type " [FAILURE]")
($BaconSummary addError)
(set type " [ERROR]")
(print type)
($BaconSummary addToErrorLog:e context:(@context name) specification:@description type:type)
(- (id) postponeBlock:(id)block withDelay:(id)seconds is
; If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need to schedule any more blocks
(unless (@exceptionOccurred)
(set @postponedBlocksCount (+ @postponedBlocksCount 1))
(self performSelector:"runPostponedBlock:" withObject:block afterDelay:seconds)
;((NSRunLoop mainRunLoop) runUntilDate:(NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:seconds))
(- (id) runPostponedBlock:(id)block is
; If an exception occurred, we definitely don't need execute any more blocks
(unless (@exceptionOccurred)
(self executeBlock:(do () (@context instanceEval:block)))
(set @postponedBlocksCount (- @postponedBlocksCount 1))
(if (eq @postponedBlocksCount 0) (self finalize))
(- (id) finalize is
(self executeBlock:(do () (self runAfterFilters)))
(if (eq @numberOfRequirementsBefore ($BaconSummary requirements))
; the specification did not contain any requirements, so it flunked
; TODO ugh, exceptions for control flow, need to clean this up
(self executeBlock:(do () (throw ((BaconError alloc) initWithDescription:"flunked"))))
(if (@report) (print "\n"))
(if (@context respondsToSelector:"specificationDidFinish:")
(@context specificationDidFinish:self)
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