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* Fix segfault that occurs with the commented out spec in the normal bacon spec with my MacRuby NSException patch.
* Don't print backtrace of EMPTY spec errors
* Print requirement description *before* running the requirement!
* Make it possible to run only specs that match the given string
* Finish ragel error handling code in UIBaconPath
* Cleanup bridgesupport.h/.m
* Check how to use BridgeSupport with Nu for constants on iOS/OSX
* Add before/after all.
* Add generators for test cases and iOS testrunner app target for Xcode 4
* add specs from NuBacon which test that BaconShould#raise returns the raised exception
* add specs for running Bacon without exceptions.
* check/port the rest of the NuBacon specs
* Do we really need to support BaconShould#raise with a block? Disabled for now.
* Do we need -[BaconShould forwardInvocation:] for Nu/objc?
* We can't really implement handling missing objc methods from objc, because the language that the call originates from, eg MacRuby, might have boxed an immediate type such as an int as a NSNumber. So the client has to deal with this. Is this correct?
* MacRuby and Nu both come with regexp engines, so for now -[BaconShould match:] is implemented by the client.
* Improve exception printing in BaconSummary from client.
# WebRat like integration spec API
These should all call delegate callback methods as would normally happen.
* `-[UITextField fillIn:@"text"]` which checks if the text field is visible/enabled and then assigns the text.
* `-[UIScrollView scrollTo:]` which sets the content offset and then calls the delegate methods.