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ARC and GCD Compatible Reachability Class for iOS. Drop in replacement for Apple Reachability
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This is a drop-in replacement for Apples Reachability class. It is ARC compatible, uses the new GCD methods to notify of network interface changes.

In addition to the standard NSNotification it supports the use of Blocks for when the network becomes reachable and unreachable.

Finally you can specify wether or not a WWAN connection is considered "reachable".

A Simple example

// allocate a reachability object
Reachability* reach = [Reachability reachabilityWithHostname:@""];

// set the blocks 
reach.reachableBlock = ^(Reachability*reach)

reach.unreachableBlock = ^(Reachability*reach)

// start the notifier which will cause the reachability object to retain itself!
[reach startNotifier];
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