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Tests for folding. vim: set ft=vim :
:so small.vim
:" We also need the +syntax feature here.
:if !has("syntax")
e! test.ok
w! test.out
:" basic test if a fold can be created, opened, moving to the end and closed
zf2j:call append("$", "manual " . getline(foldclosed(".")))
zo:call append("$", foldclosed("."))
]z:call append("$", getline("."))
zc:call append("$", getline(foldclosed(".")))
:" test folding with markers.
:set fdm=marker fdl=1 fdc=3
:call append("$", "marker " . foldlevel("."))
[z:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
jo{{ r{jj:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
kYpj:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
:" test folding with indent
:set fdm=indent sw=2
/^2 b
i jI :call append("$", "indent " . foldlevel("."))
k:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
:" test syntax folding
:set fdm=syntax fdl=0
:syn region Hup start="dd" end="ii" fold contains=Fd1,Fd2,Fd3
:syn region Fd1 start="ee" end="ff" fold contained
:syn region Fd2 start="gg" end="hh" fold contained
:syn region Fd3 start="commentstart" end="commentend" fold contained
Gzk:call append("$", "folding " . getline("."))
k:call append("$", getline("."))
jAcommentstart Acommentend:set fdl=1
3j:call append("$", getline("."))
:set fdl=0
zO j:call append("$", getline("."))
:" test expression folding
:fun Flvl()
let l = getline(v:lnum)
if l =~ "bb$"
return 2
elseif l =~ "gg$"
return "s1"
elseif l =~ "ii$"
return ">2"
elseif l =~ "kk$"
return "0"
return "="
:set fdm=expr fde=Flvl()
:call append("$", "expr " . foldlevel("."))
:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
:call append("$", foldlevel("."))
:/^last/+1,$w! test.out
:delfun Flvl
1 aa
2 bb
3 cc
4 dd {{{
5 ee {{{ }}}
6 ff }}}
7 gg
8 hh
9 ii
a jj
b kk
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