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Tests for ":highlight". vim: set ft=vim :
:so small.vim
:" basic test if ":highlight" doesn't crash
:hi Search
:" test setting colors.
:" test clearing one color and all doesn't generate error or warning
:hi NewGroup term=bold cterm=italic ctermfg=DarkBlue ctermbg=Grey gui= guifg=#00ff00 guibg=Cyan
:hi Group2 term= cterm=
:hi Group3 term=underline cterm=bold
:redir! >test.out
:hi NewGroup
:hi Group2
:hi Group3
:hi clear NewGroup
:hi NewGroup
:hi Group2
:hi Group2 NONE
:hi Group2
:hi clear
:hi Group3
:hi Crash term='asdf
:redir END
:" filter ctermfg and ctermbg, the numbers depend on the terminal
:e test.out
:" filter out possibly translated error message
:%s/E475: [^:]*:/E475:/
:" fix the fileformat
:set ff&
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