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Smoke test for MzScheme interface and mzeval() function
:so mzscheme.vim
:set nocompatible viminfo+=nviminfo
:function! MzRequire()
:redir => l:mzversion
:mz (version)
:redir END
:if strpart(l:mzversion, 1, 1) < "4"
:" MzScheme versions < 4.x:
:mz (require (prefix vim- vimext))
:" newer versions:
:mz (require (prefix-in vim- 'vimext))
:mz (require r5rs)
:silent call MzRequire()
:mz (define l '("item0" "dictionary with list OK" "item2"))
:mz (define h (make-hash))
:mz (hash-set! h "list" l)
:" change buffer contents
:mz (vim-set-buff-line (vim-eval "line('.')") "1 changed line 1")
:" scalar test
:let tmp_string = mzeval('"string"')
:let tmp_1000 = mzeval('1000')
:if tmp_string . tmp_1000 == "string1000"
:let scalar_res = "OK"
:let scalar_res = "FAILED"
:call append(search("^1"), "scalar test " . scalar_res)
:" dictionary containing a list
:let tmp = mzeval("h")["list"][1]
:/^2/put =tmp
:" circular list (at the same time test lists containing lists)
:mz (set-car! (cddr l) l)
:let l2 = mzeval("h")["list"]
:if l2[2] == l2
:let res = "OK"
:let res = "FAILED"
:call setline(search("^3"), "circular test " . res)
:?^1?,$w! test.out
1 line 1
2 line 2
3 line 3
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