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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:sparkle="">
<title>MacVim Cutting Edge</title>
<description>Most recent changes with links to updates.</description>
To add a new release:
* add a new <item> below (copy an old one)
* Adapt the <title>
* Adapt the <description>
* Adapt the <pubDate> (format 'Day, dd Mon yyyy hh:mm CET')
* Adapte <enclosure>, make sure to update the url, length, saprkle:version
and sparkle:shortVersionString attributes.
Sparkle honors the following user defaults:
* SUFeedURL overrides the value in Info.plist (if we want to offer several
appcasts in the preferences one day ("latest", "stable" for example).
This means that for testing you can do
defaults read org.vim.MacVim SUFeedURL # note this down
defaults write org.vim.MacVim SUFeedURL file:///Users/you/testcast.xml
# !!! note the three '/' after 'file:
# test test test
defaults write org.vim.MacVim SUFeedURL previousvalue
# or, to use some default setting for the url,
defaults delete org.vim.MacVim SUFeedURL
Sparkle usually assumes a naming scheme of name_versionnumber.tar.bz2 .
Instead, you can also provide a sparkle:version="2.0_rc2" attribute on
the enclosure and name the package as you like. You can (and should) also
provide a sparkle:shortVersionString="User-facing version string"
attribute that corresponds to CFBundleShortVersionString. Sparkle uses
CFBundleVersion to determine the current application version.
Sparkle supports updates in zip, tar, tbz, tgz, or dmg format.
<title>Snapshot 21 released</title>
<h1>MacVim snapshot 21 released</h1>
<li>The macvim color scheme changed so that line numbers look better when
the background is dark (enable line numbers with :set number, set dark
background with :set bg=dark)</li>
<li>Improved support for Voice Over (enable with <D-F5>)</li>
<li>System bell support (see :h 'vb' on how to turn it off)</li>
<li>MacVim no longer associates to .plist and .dict since these may well be
in binary format</li>
<li>Added Find Next <D-g>, Find Previous <D-G> and Use Selection for Find
<D-e> menu items</li>
<li>Track pad scrolling is now force sensitive</li>
<li>Added help section on preferences</li>
<li>Preferences panel updated (also no longer hides when MacVim loses focus)
<pubDate>Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:17 CET</pubDate>
<enclosure type="application/octet-stream"
sparkle:shortVersionString="snapshot 21"
<title>Snapshot 20 released</title>
<h1>MacVim snapshot 20 released</h1>
<li>Automatic updates via Sparkle (Nico Weber)</li>
<li>Preferences panel</li>
<li>Fix ^C^W bug (Issue 48)</li>
<li>Make sure window is ordered front when new files are opened</li>
<li>Warn when quitting with multiple tabs or windows open</li>
<li>&lt;D-w&gt; can now be used to close dialogs (such as the About dialog)</li>
<pubDate>Sun, 03 Feb 2008 16:39 CET</pubDate>
<enclosure type="application/octet-stream"
sparkle:shortVersionString="snapshot 20"
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