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Thoughts on default side panel bgcolor. #47

jordwalke opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Jordan W John Harrison Tobia Conforto
Jordan W

I saw some talk about allowing customization of the side bar. I think it's a great idea, but even if you decide not to allow customization right now, could we make the default similar to other mac application sidebars, which have a subtle grey/blue color?
I notice other apps have a background that is approximately RGB(.86,.88,.91), with a single 1px thin vertical line that separates the side panel from the main content with color approximately RGB(.69, .69, .69) though there's no set rules for this.
I'd really love customizability of the color eventually, as I switch between dark and light schemes, and the bright background color is kind of jaring when I have a dark color scheme - I understand we'd need to allow customization of icons/font colors, triangle arrows etc - so it's understandable there's more important milestones.

John Harrison

Would it be possible to get the colors from the current theme?

Tobia Conforto

I gave the file browser the same look as the Finder and iTunes sidebar.

See pull request.

Jordan W

I really like this. Vico pulled it off nicely.

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