Command-line switch to enable or disable the sidebar #64

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tubbo commented Oct 5, 2012

I use MacVim for both general editing and as my git mergetool for diffing and resolving conflicts.

It would be really nice if I didn't have to Cmd+Shift+D every time I opened up mvimdiff and it would just hide the sidebar for me. Generally, diffing takes up so much of the window that the sidebar just makes everything harder to see.

Is there currently a way to do this? I was thinking of something like mvim -s to invoke the sidebar. That way I can leave the sidebar off by default, and just open any projects I want the sidebar on with mvim -s .


alloy commented Oct 8, 2012

There currently is no way to do this and I would rather not touch the CLI part of the codebase, as it makes it that much harder to maintain from upstream.

What might be an option, though, is to check for an env var, would that work for you?

markus commented Oct 8, 2012

People who use mvim frequently without the sidebar could set up a shell alias:

alias myvim='MVIM_SIDEBAR=off mvim'

tubbo commented Oct 19, 2012

@alloy yeah that works, definitely. whatever's easiest to integrate with upstream.

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