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Rename in File Browser opens newly renamed file in current tab. #72

jordwalke opened this Issue Jan 9, 2013 · 3 comments

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Renaming opens the file. I don't think it should. Is this correct?

alloy commented Jan 9, 2013

It should really only re-open the renamed file if the old file was open. If it wasn’t opened to begin with, then the renamed file should not be opened either.

There might be some subtle issues here with a buffer existing vs it being open in a tab, though.


So in my case, it was open in another tab, in a particular vertical split. However, I believe it did something very wrong. It closed my current tab 9, and clobbered the next tab 8 with the contents of the renamed file. The whole time the file was already opened in tab 1. I think it might be easiest to just disable to (attempting to open file on rename) behavior and instead just simply refresh any existing buffers/windows that have that file open. Could you point me to where this happens in the code?

I believe it also removed the focus from both the file browser and the main code editing window.


However, I really do appreciate the fact than any time I select a file in the left nav, it finds the existing window/split/tab with that file name. That's really awesome and a must for any modern editor.

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